Bringing hope to young people in Greater Victoria and throughout Vancouver Island.
"We are committed to enriching the lives and putting smiles on the faces of physically or mentally challenged young people."
The McAdams Foundation was established in 1992 by the Robert P. McAdams family of Victoria. The Foundation was inspired by the family wish to provide funds in perpetuity to help create a happier life for children and teenagers with disabilities or impairments.
The Foundation will assist individuals and institutions that are committed to enriching the lives of children and teenagers whose families have limited financial resources.

Some examples of situations where the Foundation will give assistance are:

certain medical or dental procedures (not including standard orthodontics).

assisting special needs children to attend summer camps and other recreational pursuits.
providing to other charities, equipment and facilities such as boats, special needs vehicles and playground equipment.
how to apply for a grant---

Simply write us a letter outlining the circumstances of the child's particular needs, the purpose for which a grant is requested and particulars of the family's financial circumstances.

The Review Committee of the Foundation will then consider the application and you may be asked to provide additional information.

After receiving and considering all information, the Foundation will notify you of its decision.

Please note that for successful applications, the Foundation will not issue cheques to the child's family, but rather prefers to pay the supplier for the equipment or service being provided.

---governing body
The affairs of the Foundation are administered by a Board of Directors which includes family members and others with varied community experience and skills.
P.O. Box 8841
Victoria, B.C. / V8W 3Z1